No. He's actually one of the more mentioned "underrated bassists" that I can recall from all those "MOST UNDERRATED BASSISTS" threads that pop up every couple of weeks.
Yer quite a few folks mention him a lot when talking about underrated bassists, myself included

He's one of my main influences in bass playing, i think he's awesome
It's the way he can hold down a rhythm, be a great bassist, unobtrusive yet present all the time, and also slot in those contributions to the melody. God knows it's not easy to put a melodic bass in a song with a lead guitarist, piano, and dominant vocals without it clashing, but he managed it all the time. You're My Best Friend is the one most people describe as the best example of his playing, but pretty much any of their songs have that distinctive bass feel.
He's one of the funkiest white guys to have existed. I think his playing is awesome.
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One of my favourites too. His musicality always amuses me. You're my best friend has a technically simple bassline but i never managed to learn it yet (by ear. and i don't like tabs).
Millionaire Waltz is quite fast so it's hard to play too. But these are just two of my favourites; i really love almost everything he plays.
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