ok, i want a Flying V, there by far the best shape for a guitar, now since King is my favrite guitarest, i`d like to get his sig V , the specs are killer BUT... the body is maple. this is so far the only guitar i`ve come across thats made outta maple, is that a good wood for a higher end guitar to be made out of??? i LOVE Bc Rich but i do wish they had alittle more options on there guitars, so Kings sig V is about as close to my dream guitar i`m gonna get. i`m sure a custom order guitar would cost WAYYYY more then one off the shelf , if they even do custom orders

They also have the new Flying V`s which the top end is a NJ Jr V BUT i HATE body binding... they also have the NT Jr V but it doesn`t come with EMG`s but i love the look of it so much more.

So which is better, Mahogany (NJ V) or Nato (NT V) or Maple (KK Sig V)

Also the KKV has a Kahler Bridge the other V`s have Floyd`s , All my Guitars have LFR bridges and love em BUT for some reason acouple times the low E has snapped when pulling the bar up hard, will the same happen with a Kahler ?

and lastly is there a differents in the shape or size of the body between the BC Rich Jr V and the Speed V`s (KKV), it kinda looks like there is but i can`t really tell going by the pic`s on the Bc Rich website.

Sorry for the long post, i just don`t know much about this stuff.
man there is such a small difference in specs you are just gonna have to play them.
The input jack is on the bottem leg of the guitar..... the KKV is my sig is not the real KKV and i`m almost sold on the Kerry King V but i don`t know about the wood, and the Guitar i pick i`d perfer it to come with EMG`s if not it`ll have EMG`s installed b4 i even bring it home probly anyways as long as i have enuff money.

there`s no music stores by me with any BC Rich V`s let alone the Kerry King V, i know the store i use will order it but i`ll have to buy it if i order it.

B4 anyone says get a new amp... don`t worry i`m trying LOL, i`m probly getting an amp 1st. b4 a new guitar.
The speed V is all straight lines but the junior V curves ever so slightly at the tip on the inside. Also, the Jr V may be bigger, but I can't confirm this.