alright i had this in here a while back with absolute **** recording, and i just recently was trying out a camera, and made this video of it. mostly good, not perfect. there is a second guitar lead written for this song, but its not here.

looking for any crit/feedback at all. you love it, you hate it, i dont care if you listen to it please write something. i always crit back if you leave a link.
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That was pretty awesome. Nice shirt as well.
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hey man it was cool, would love to hear a full recording though, i think a second guitar would fill out the sound, im guessing it harmonises with the other guitar a fair bit? not sure what else to say, playing was fairly solid, that lead kinda bit about 1 minute in just needs some tidying up i liked it, just need to get a full recording up though!
wow you put me to shame. not sure it works as a song, but the guitar work is very impressive. beautiful tone and phrasing. also looks effortless! i'd definitely like to hear a proper recorded song though. in general, i'm not a huge fan of instrumental rock. anyway, keep it up. the video caught my attention.

crit mine?
listening to exotica right now. first of all, awesome beat. really relaxing and atmospheric. as with your other song, guitar is very tight. some of the scales you use sound very exotic. some of the triplet rhythms in the solo really work well also. the only thing i would say is maybe come back to the melody at the very end. in jazz this usually happens: the instrumentalists play the head, then each take in turns to solo then to finish off they play the head again. it bring the song to an end. anyway, good stuff. enjoyable.
I have to say I was impressed with your playing on this song. However, I was not impressed very much by the song itself. Although you make it look very easy to play this, I can't say that it's terribly well written. As far as I can tell it's a bunch of fairly generic, commonplace chords and progressions with a bunch of fast lead-ish parts in there. Even so, keep it up man.

Thanks for the crit, too.
I really like this....I wanna hear the second guitar! it could possibly be very cool like that. get a drummer and stuff this is potetially very awesome. your tone is a bit thin but i think it's just the camera
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This is pretty good man. There are some sweet riffs in there, i loved the intro one, and i thought the solo section at about 0:55 was f*cking awesome. You really need to add drums and bass and develop your riff ideas, because this song could be great with a full band. I think harmony parts would suit this song perfectly. I thought that odd pinch harmonic sounded good aswell. I didn't like your tone, but that's probably because of the bad quailty recording, so i guess that doesn't really count anyway. Make sure you let me know if and when you record it again with drums and bass.

Overall, i'd say a very good effort, keep it up!

Thanks for critting mine!