Poll: Does Lego Star Wars Kick Ass
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Kicks ass like Yoda in Episode 2
28 82%
Is as lame as C-3PO
6 18%
Voters: 34.
So i noticed that a lot of people like the video game Lego Star Wars. I always figured it to be sort of a childish game but then people I know who are my age (19) and older say they've played it and like it. too good to be true for me so I went and bought the first one cuz it was used and I ended up likeing it as well. so what do you think. does it kick ass or not?
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Dude I have a friend who is 27 & plays Paper Mario!
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this is neat. Who would've guessed Legos could be so awesome.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

i went to the lego store today...ah, nostalgia.
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Played the 2nd (of the PSP ones) and I thought it was brilliant. Though it got a bit boring after a while. Also, some of the levels were already unlocked - I hate that, you have to have that "purpose" of going from start to finish!
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i went to the lego store today...ah, nostalgia.

You have a store dedicated to Lego
I would have probably collapsed with joy entering that place as a child.
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Dude, i still remember asking Santa for Star Wars and Batman LEGO when i was 4 years old. Course back then it wasn't invented yet but now that it has i rekon it would be epic. The game is lame though, people just wanted money
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because they are superior to ours.

my 8 year old brother pwns lego star wars. im pretty impressed, but its still not as cool as k'nex.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Just bought the Complete Saga for the 360, its freaking awesome.
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