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hey guys how this works is that you post guitars, amps, pedals whatever you'd get to achieve your dream signature tone. I'll start off.

I'm really into thrash at the moment so.

Guitar: Vintage white (cream) ESP eclipse w/ emg 81/60 or ESP Kirk Flying Vee

Amp: Marshall JCM 2000 Full stack
god...theres already too many choices as it is...don't give me unlimited money
TheBurningFish wrote:
I don't mean to generalise but I don't believe the average Coldplay fan is a massive musical theory nut.

FS/FT: Cort SP1 Stratocaster
Zoom GFX5 fx processor
Washburn BD40 amp
$100 each OBO
All i need is a

Gibson Les Paul studio, black

And a Line6 75W that i allready have ^^

Maybe a Crybaby Wah wah also :P

I wait to buy those overpriced guitars until im good enough to handle them :P
Quote by Criller
All i need is a

Gibson Les Paul studio, black

And a Line6 75W that i allready have ^^

Maybe a Crybaby Wah wah also :P

I wait to buy those overpriced guitars until im good enough to handle them :P

Your dream amp is a Line 6 Spider?
Gibson S.G with a dimebucker in the bridge and a seymour duncan pearly gates in the neck a randall RX120RHS half stack , mxr distortion +,boss blues driver,and thats about it
^ LOL at the line 6 guy.

I've pretty much got my dream tone.

mine go's..

ENGL Fireball - Vader 4X12 - Boss NS2 - Ibanez TS9 w/ Chaos mod - Schecter Loomis ( soon to have blackouts)

^ that owns so hard for the sort of music i play. ( Death/Trash)

Schecter Loomis sig.
Engl fireball.
the highest.


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I'd have a vintage strat, with a fender blues junior or a supersonic, tubescreamer, crybaby wah (which i already have). Thats its really. Just something simple. I play blues if you didn't pick up on that.
I'd use all my equipment atm. But as a tone buffer i'd go ts-9 into the ass of Scarlett Johansen - out through the mouth to go to my jcm900 and out the girly bits to a jcm800. Or other amps maybe. In anycase, anyamp with her as a tone buffer would own.

That'd own.

The Gear I Use Most:
Gibson guitars, Les Paul, ES-335, SG and more.
Dunlop Crybaby | Dunlop Volume | Boss TU-2 | Ibanez TS-9 | Maxon AD-999
Planet Waves Custom Leads
Marshall JCM900 (model: 4100 + 4101)

TooJoo The Band
Probably some kinda VHT or ENGL amp with a vader cabinet. A Custom 7 string with a bit of a longer scale so I could tune to A XD and some kind of high output pickup, EMGs kinda bore me now :0
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I'd take a Fender Strat or Tele with at least 1 Humbucker. Then a tube amp. And a fuzz pedal with crybaby wah.
Guitar: Fender CS '60 Stratocaster (Closet Classic) in 3-Tone Sunburst;

OD Pedal: Vintage Ibanez TS-808;

Amp: Fender Vibro-King.
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A kickass vintage Fender Stratocaster and a goodsounding kickass Les Paul.

Fender Twin reverb amp and somekinda cool Marshall like a plexi or something.

Chandler Tube driver a real tape echo and lots of other fun stuff^^
Schecter C1 Classic
Fender Vintage -57 Ri Stratocaster
Fender Blues JR w/ 12"Cannabis Rex
Mad Professor Sky Blue OD
Wampler Ego Compressor
TC Electronics Stereo Chorus/Flanger

Gibson SG 1961 reissue!! or Gibson SG-X


Either Marshall JCM 900


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

for distortion

and for the clean stuff probably a nice Vox AC50

and for pedals, probably a tubescreamer or a fulltone OCD
For me it would have to be:

BC Rich Bich

erm not sure about Amp

And Marshall Jackhammer
1994 Epiphone Explorer
1997 Epiphone Les Paul
Tech side:
Blackheart BH5H Little Giant
Rat DeuceTone
EH Knockout
G Lab Wowhee Wah
Esp Custom Shop Horizon NT II
Charvel Mod 1 With Emg/blackout in Bridge position. Fixed bridge

Marshall Jcm 800 (modded), Peavey 5150 & Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Ibanez TS-808 Tubescreamer
I Like Cake
guitar; my gibson lp std faded
amp; my marshall, a roland micro cube for vacations and maybe a mesa boogie rectifier
effects; ds-1, slash wah, wylde wah, noise gate, octaver, whammy pedal,

so Ive got a few of those already ^^
Gibson Les Paul std faded, Godin LG
Marshall jcm900
Keeley ds1, maxon od808, boston tu500, RMC Wizard
I'd stick with my Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic guitar, but I couldn't choose an amp. There are so many amps I really love at the moment. I want to get my hands on an Orange AD30, as well as a Cornford MkII. An old Boogie MkIV and a Fender Twin. No idea, too many good amps.

And don't get me started on pedals, I could sit here all day naming pedals I love. There are sooo many
Guitar - Jackson RR1 Custom (White with Gold hardware and Bevels)
Amp - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Effects - Practically all of them
I don't like to think about this. My "signature" tone comes from the equipment i aquire over time, i generally don't try out say a chorus pedal, until i'm planning on buying one, then i try out a few until i've found one i really like, then i buy that.
Live Rig January 2018

Fender Baja Telecaster/Danelectro DC-12
Boss TU-3, Ibanez TS-9, Fulltone OCD 1.7, EHX Small Clone, MXR Carbon Copy, EHX Holy Grail Neo
1964 Vox AC30TB with '69 Rola G12M "blackbacks"
Elixir Nanoweb 10-52 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks
Gibson Flying V into a Peavey JSX or a Mesa Triple Rec. No effects, except maybe a wah, delay and a whammy.
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Guitar: Gibson LP standard (already have)

Amp: Mesa Roadking
Gear as 2015:
Ibanez PGM401
Music Man JP6 (for sale)
Music Man Axis (for sale)
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Ibanez EW Acoustic Steel string
Crappy Cort Acoustic 12-string
NI Rig Kontrol 3 & Guitar Rig 5
Guitar- Custom made one and my current G-400 with a pickup change
Amp- Marshall JVM or Bogner for most. Fender for cleans
Effects- Tubescreamer, Boss Noise gate, Dunlop crybaby from hell, Line6 DM-4, EH Holy grail
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explorer & rr custom w/ bareknuckle nailbombs

bogner uberschall, fender twin -> mesa dual recto 4x12 cabs

tubescreamer, boss noise gate, morley tremonti wah, keeley compressor, mxr phase90, line6 echopark
Jackson custom shop into a Diezel VH4.

That's it. I'm not really an effects guy.
- Bugera 333
- VJ & VJ cab
- Jackson JS30
- TS9

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Gibson custom spec explorer with EMG 81/60 set and matt black finish all over with a neck thru maple neck and mahogany "wings" on the body
A good spring reverb
Marshall JMP-1 preamp with mesa power amp
then run through a multi FX rack mount
2x 4x12s (full stack)

Ooh and a years worth of recording time to nail that "signature tone"

edit/ God i'm such a guitar nerd
<--- This is Wally. Not Waldo.

Gear List:
Ibanez RG570
Fender MIA Strat (in black, HSS)
Godawful Marshall MG practice amp

My Youtube
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Esp A-1
Esp Ganesa
Esp Reindeer in black and red
Dean dave mustain signature with black quilt and his signature.

Mesa Road king
Marshall 100/100 preamp
mesa triaxis
Like 4 marshall cabs

Ibanez tube screamer
A/B/y box
Digitech Whammy
Line six dl4
A Metal muff
A small stone chorous

Like a million packs of d'addario strings
A whole bunch of straps
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Esp Ltd Ninja 600
Esp Ltd F-50
les paul elite
5watt jcm800 clone
Roland jc-55
Crate V33
Ibanez tubescreamer ts9
Keeley ds-1
my l6s and a fender hot rod.
id mod the l6s with a bigsby tho.
and i would have it stained like the original ones.

EDIT: i would also have Gretsch make me a kustom white falkon model with a gold kill switch and other goodies!
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My guitars would have to be a jackson, Gibson les paul, and another schecter love those guitars

For amps I really want a Diezel Herbert or the VH4S they have great amps...

As far as pedals the less the better, but a few are always needed (chorus, flanger, phaser, etc.)
I'd go for a Gibson '59 Les Paul, through a couple of Visual Sound pedals (H20, Jekyll & Hyde for extra drive options) into an A/B'd Fender Hot Rod Deville & Marshall JCM 2000.
I will buy out Gibson, Fender and Ibanez and have them create a ultimate gear for me.
I'd go for a Gibson SG Standard with a Bigsby Vibrato, but have the Bigsby go farther down and up than the standard ones. For pedals all I'd need is some sort of good distortion, Dunlop Cry Baby Wha, and a Digitech Whammy.
Honestly, I'm incredibly satisfied with my tone. I run my Schecter Hellraiser Tempest through a Line6 AX2-212, which I originally hated just 'cause I was prejudiced against it from the start, but now the tone's grown on me immensely. I can't imagine playing anything else, really. I'd get a ton of effect pedals, a wireless system, and definitely a JEM7V for those songs that require trem-abuse and a UV777 for a seven-string, 'cause I've always wanted one. It probably sounds blasphemous to play all these great instruments through a Line6, but it's how I roll XD

And I'd probably use this limitless money to pay the salary of a guitar tech, too. I'm so dumb when it comes to doing anything to my guitar, so I'd get all of my guitars professionally set up regularly.
My Gear
Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez RG520QS
'78 Ibanez Les Paul copy
Schecter Hellraiser Tempest
Fender Telecaster
Vantage Semihollow
Line6 AX2 212 combo modeling amplifier
PRS Custom, just like Akerfeldt
ESP LTD EC-1000, just like Nergal... Oh wait, I already have this.
ENGL Fireball, just like Suicmez
Damage Control Solid Metal Dual Tube Distortion Pedal, just like... I have no idea, but this thing is ejaculant enducing
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guitars would be: Gibson SG standard (cherry red) gibson les paul custom (apline white). Gibson Les Paul Standard (with 59 in neck, and jb in bridge) 1957 vintage les paul jr for the twang. A vintage white maple neck SSS strat (with reverse headstock of course). Another vintage white maple strat but HSS with the SH-4 jb in bridge and two tex mex single coils in middle/neck. A butterscotch blonde maple fretboard fender telecaster. And a gibson explorer with emg 81/85 (for the brOOtalz)

Amps: Jcm 800 with 1960 A/B cabinets. Same cabs for my dream Jcm 900. And a Jcm 2000 with 2 cabs loaded with greenbacks. An Orange Rockaverb with matching orage cabs. And a fender 65 twin for my cleans.

Pedals: Dunlop Crybaby (for my nice wah) Ibanez Weeping Demon (again my brOOtal wah) small clone, a POD of some sort, some flanger/phaser.
Ibanez Jem for guitar

JSX or Mesa Dual Rectifier for amp
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Ibanez RG2EX2 (Dimarzio Breed in bridge)
Epiphone Les Paul 100
Laney LV300T
Line 6 Toneport GX

The Falling Object Model
a Mark IV and a MMJP 7, sort of
Brigadier of the 7-string legion. 7>6

Fender Telecaster
Schecter Damien 7
Engl Fireball
Guitar - Custom ESP - Eclipse in Black Gloss w/ cream binding, gold hardware, Alnico II Pups.
Guitar 2 - Custom Fender Strat - Black on Black w/ Birdseye Maple tinted neck, Invader n Vintage Hot Noiseless pups

Amp - Marshall JVM Full Stack
Amp 2 - Fender Hot Rod Deville

Effects - Robert Keeley Ds-1
- Pod X3
- Rc-50 Loop Station

Other - Pro Tools on a Mac book for home recording.
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