i would say crosstown traffic, however give them all time and you could play them no problemo!
wind cries mary OR fire

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Probably 'Hey Joe'. Also, a lot of Hendrix songs are based around the E7#9 chord, so if you learn that, it'll help you get started on a few.


Learn that, and some percussive strumming, and you've got the basis for a Hendrix sound.
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Purple Haze? Except for the solo.

The solo's piss easy.

Also, Fire.
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Tbh, alot of his stuff is stupidly easy.

But daaamn effective.
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When I started listening to Hendrix, I thought it must be damn difficult to play that sh1t!

It's surprisingly easy, yet effective. I would say: Fire, Hey Joe, Purple Haze.
Wild Thing, hands freaking down. Three chords, really. Fire's easy since it really is supposed to be a drum song for Mitch, but this is way easier.
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in my opinion, little wing. cuz its the only jimi song ive bothered to learn, and actually enjoy listening to.

Well, you're wrong. That's far from the easiest song.

I'd go with Fire.
'the wind cries mary' isn't too difficult and it's sort of satisfying to me anyway.
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voodoo child was the first song of his i learned and found rather easy... also little wing... easy solo and rythm is easy once you recognize the pattern going on
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I would say "Hey Joe", or "The Wind Cries Mary". I'm still not much of a guitar player after two years but these two have nice and easy chords to play.