At the moment I have a Vintage Strat Style guitar. It's pretty ****. Rosewood fingerboard and a maple neck I think. I don't even know what the body is. It plays pretty ****.

So i'm thinking of getting a Fender Standard Strat with a maple fingerboard and neck. Can I expect this guitar to be much better than the one I have right now?
Get it set up well? What like customize it? I'd have to look in on how to do that :P
I think he meant setting up the action, truss rod, strings, etc. You can get it done in the guitar shop. I'm not sure how exactly your guitar plays, but it's obviously pretty ****. So yes, a standard Strat can be a hell of a lot nicer. Just make sure you try before you buy to see if you tihnk it's worth it.
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Vintage strat copies aren't that bad. You should get it set up properly before you go spending loads on a replacement.
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Vintage strat copies get great reviews in magazines. It probably just needs to be set up.

And it seems to me that you think that a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck is bad for some reason...
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just get out to a few music stores and try some standard strats, that's the only way you are going to find out.

there is no doubt that a well set up standard strat will sound and feel better than a crap copy, but a good copy will probably be better than a badly set up fender. sorry, i'm rambling on now......................
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And it seems to me that you think that a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck is bad for some reason...

Nah I don't, I was just listing a couple of specs.

The input is broken too..It's pretty old. And it's been scratched loads too and I've had it for 3 years now. I bought it for £20 from my mum's boyfriend's son.

Can anyone link me to a good tutorial site for changing the actions and so on? I'm about to google it but I thought I may as well ask you guys too.
There are some really great copies out there. But really just try some out and get whatever you like best.
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you can get a second-hand MIJ tokai for less than a mexican standard strat. I'd take those over a lot of MIA fenders. blades aren't much more than MIM fenders, if you'd prefer to go new, and they're very nice too.
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