So, I've got this essay to write about Gentlemen in Great Expectations, and what traits Charles Dickens focuses on. I've written the main body, but I'm stuck on the introduction, anyone able to offer any help?
I last studied this in year ten, and I focused on how how Dickens completely fails to give his characters and stories any depth.
Why not discuss how the role of a gentleman plays a part in the story? The introduction only needs to be a couple of sentences long.
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If you gave us the major points made in the main body of the essay, it would be easier.

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I thought about that, but he presents gentlemanly traits in a bunch of characters who play different roles and have different goals, shall I just like talk about the textbook definition of a gentleman?
Quote by hellbound_jonny
If you gave us the major points made in the main body of the essay, it would be easier.

I've zoomed in on the ethical side like behavior and loyalty etc. rather than education wealth and social status, my teacher said I'd get higher marks cause I'm better at doing that.
well start broad about the novel then focus in on your argument and your last sentence should be your argument in one sentence, your thesis. it's not that hard.

for your conclusion do the opposite, start with your thesis, but restated, then go broader.
In that case, the intro should just contain a short synopsis of the traits a Victorian gentleman should possess.

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A typical introduction is simply explaining what you will be writing about in the essay - pick up some rather simple points you make & write briefly about them, leaving what you've written to explain those uncovered - its' like a trailer for a film or a game - show what's worth reading without giving away any spoilers
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