has anybody heard of a push/pull pot with a rotary switch. i would like to be able to wire different caps into my guitar on one tone knob.and be able to select which one i am using. and i would also like to be able to control it.

For example i would like a .oo1 uf so i can have a bright tone then pull the knob and switch to a .02 for a darker tone
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I don't think it would work, if I know what you mean.

You mean that it's a regular pot when pushed down, to act as a normal tone control, then you can pull it up and use it as a rotary switch to choose what cap to use?
The problem would be that once you select a cap in the up position and push the knob back down, turning the knob (hoping to change the tone pot's setting) would change the cap that's selected, and even if you could make it so that when it's pushed down and turned, it is completely disconnected from the switch and the same cap remains selected, the knob would have to be in just the right spot when you pull it up again to use the switch properly.
It could probably be made with concentric pots, where the top is a rotary switch and the bottom a standard pot. Although I've never seen any of those, either.

If you only want 2 different caps, then I'd say just use a normal push/pull pot. If you want 4, use a push/pull and 2 mini toggles. Have the push pull switch between each mini switch, and each mini switch between 2 caps.
you could have the 2 caps on a switch, elsewhere on the guitar, that would be fairly easy
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I had this exact same idea a while ago, but the I figured the difference in tone when you change caps would be too small to justify putting an extra switch in, but I would love to see someone else do it.

I was going to use three capacitors, but if you decided to use just 2 capacitors then you could put them on a push/pull pot and up would be one and down would be the other.

Hope that helps.
thanks for the help. i forgot to mention that i was going to try and put the black ice overdrive in it as well.
I put a push pull pot in my mate's guitar. added the old 0.022uf cap and added a new 0.047uf cap. not much difference to tone unless you roll back the pot. shame really. but it's still a work in progress project. just gotta do small bits at a time coz he uses the guitar.
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thanks for the help. i forgot to mention that i was going to try and put the black ice overdrive in it as well.

Here's an idea, put in the push/pull and put a cap on one, and the black ice on the other.
All a cap does is control the amount of treble bleed. So if you put a large (or small, I forgot off hand but I'll look for a link) value cap in there you'll have more of a range between 1 and 10. You really don't need seperate caps. The only problem is you wouldn't be able to pinpoint the exact value while playing.

Here's a good link. BTW this site has ALOT of information and products for guitar building:

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