hey everyone

just wondering if anyone knows how much an ibanez rg27sp with the cross inlays would be worth??

and would it be worth it to buy:
Ibanez rg27sp
Roland Cube 15
Toneworks AX1000G effects board
soft case
2 straps
5 leads
spare strings and stand

second hand in very good condition
for $700 AUD?
never heard of it, any pic's or something?
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everything looks good
but be carefull with the trem on your guitar
is a LO-TRSII and they are supposed to be bad, and if is a second hand, the knife edges might be a little wornout
the guitar looks great and everything, but the LO-TRSII ruins it
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Seems a bit on the high side to me. I wouldn't pay anything like that for that bundle, but when I buy second hand I am buying a guitar that has (in my mind) been thrown down the stairs several times. In other words I want a bargain. However it is a pretty good guitar with nice tone. See this kid playing one.


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My friend has the RG27SP and the roland cube 15. DO NOT GET IT. You'll regret buying the RG27SP because of it's trem. Seriously, worst trem I've ever played. My friend got it set up by a tech and it still kept going out of tune. It's a waste of money.