Whenver im cromatically going down strings like this for example 1211109

etc. Instead of bringing all my fingers down to the next string and just releasing the previous finger to pick the next note, i bring one finger down at a time and simultaneously let go with one finger and hammer on the next finger and pick
ex: let go of pinky while simultaneously hammering on with ring and picking) I do the same thing woth legato. Is this bad/wrong technique?
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a technique you use cant really be called wrong or bad, just that you might find that you have to alter techniques to play different pieces that demand different things

my view is if it works then you dont have to fix it, but be prepared to since (ive found) you will have to re-learn things as you go along, being self taught
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Exactly what 07bevanm said, if it works for you now and you can get my using that technique it's ok, but eventually you're going to speed up, or run into a patern where that won't work, and you'll have to relearn it. Best thing to do is take it slow, and be as accurate as possible while building up your speed
Just like the others have said: if it works, keep doing it. Personally I do it a different way but your way works too.