i recently bought a second hand custom 22 with locking tuners and i have already changed strings on it
however when i tried to remove the strings 'b' and top 'e' a tiny bit of the string broke off and is stuck in the nut so the tuner is locked !

has anyone else had this problem and if so some advice on how to remove it would be greatly appreciated , cheers
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Do you have the Phase I tuners with the little wing shaped lever, or do you have Phase II with the slot in the screw in the top of the post? If Phase I, press the wing on the curved side after detuning slightly and it will release. If Phase II (and I suspect these are what you have), use a dime (I think it will work, as PRS designed them for ease of use - I have Phase I. Don't use a screwdriver on such a fat slot) detune then loosen the screw in the post that locks the string. You did relock the others after changing strings, did you not? You can use the new string to poke the remaining piece of the old string out of the hole once you unlock it, or just pull the piece of string out if you have enough to grab.
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