I finaly decided. I`m buying a Fender Jaguar HH whit a boss ds-2 pedal to play nirvana sound, and i'm planing to form a cover band but i need a good amp that help me gettin the sound.....
Please help me
You also won't get ANY nirvana sounds out of it.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
a crapload of distortion, feedback, and random noise?
Don't know anything about the jag though.
If you're not playing acoustic stuff that is =D
bend the neck a lot!! then throw it into the air and then into your drummers drum kit! then go into your greenhouse on top of your garage and..
What the hell were you thinking?

i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.
you could just get

Fender MIM Strat with a Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge
Boss DS-1
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
Crate Palomino V16
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
i have that jag, the HH. It's sick, extremely durable, and feels great. idk where this piece of s**t stuff comes from, but hey, to each his own. Kurt didn't really aspire to have his own tone, he just had various s****y pieces of gear that defined his sound. Just play mad loud and see what happens.
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You want an SS Jag, the HH one's aren't so great IMO. You also want a Small Clone or Polychorus, a DS-2, and a nice sounding clean amp.
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I wouldn't have said you want an ss jag for a nirvana sound tbh. He almost exclusively used humbuckers.
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I wouldn't have said you want an ss jag for a nirvana sound tbh. He almost exclusively used humbuckers.

But either way, the SS Jag sounds better than the HH, AND it can do Nirvana.
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I also get a great Nirvana like distortion from my Sovtek Big Muff.

Through my Twin.
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Nirvana sound? That's easy, go up to your speaker or speakers and kick them. Make sure you have a good tear in them, then play.
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If i buy the jaguar hh and replace the stock pickups ( DIMARZIO PICKUP IN NECK POSITION - SEYMOUR DUNCAN BLACK JB IN BRIDGE) i get that sound
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Please please please DO NOT GET THAT JAG. Its a POS. Get an SS jag or no jag at all >_<


Check it.

Kurt used humbuckers on his modded Jag...

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I've heard the stock pick-ups suck, but a swap them for something good, and it'll be a good guitar.
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Im aware of what kurt used, the monstorosity of a guitar he had was a standard jag routed for buckers and basically rewired to an LP, taped off most of the controls and then had a TOM slapped in.

I've played the HH before. Feels nothing like a jag should, the hardware is cheap, and dull, stock pickups are horrible and lack sustain and brightness, the neck is clutzy and feels like a brick. It looks terrible. It basically lacks everything that makes the jag so great in the first place.

I dont reccomend copying any artist at all, but if you msut, get a CIJ standard SS jag. They just have bollocks. HHs dont.

I can pull kurts sound out of my gear. But tbh, it isnt a hard tone to accomplish.
Yeah, if I'm going for a nirvana sound I just use my LP, and turn up the gain on my DS-1. And dsubstanceuk, he used some single coil guitars on the records, for the clean parts, but we're talking about songs that have 5 overdubbed guitar tracks eg SLTS. He very rarely used single coils live.
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you should check out an old mustang
that's what i got in honor of him and it's great. you can get a nice competition from like 1969 for around $1200. And he used marshalls, but a Fender bassman 100 sounds so great with it. that's my setup. the ds 1 and 2 are very cool, but the md-2 is just as rad. or the classic big muff. just turn it up.
I would use a valve amp with a slight overdrive then wack a boss ds-1 infront and then another overdrive to get the wierd feedback noises
if you want to know what he used go to guitargeek.com they have his setup that he used the most, plus a lot of other guitarists setups
plus the humbuckers he used were dizmarzio super distortion and a seymour duncan JB model