I know its frustrating to answer newbies but i don't know who else to ask.... am still new to playin acoustic guitars and i got to the point where i can read tabs and play simple songs like Metallica's "One" intro... but when its gets more complicated i loose it... i need some simple songs to practice on till i get used to picking and stumming, but every song i look for seems really complicated
plz if anyone went through the same situation before or have a good suggestion don't hold out on me
i found alot of nirvana was easy to learn for me when i wqas in you situation.

come as you are is a good one even the solo is very easy
song stuck in my head today

Try searching the forums, theres been about a million threads on good beginner songs.

Since you seem to like metallica, heres some of their easier songs or parts thereof:

Fade to Black (intro)
...and Justice for all (intro)
Nothing Else Matters
Welcome Home (intro)
Hero of the Day (intro)
for acoustic guitar, I really like playing weezer...a little different then metallica, but then again metallica isnt usually acoustic.