Hi, first of all, I do play real guitar. I play Guitar Hero for fun.

Now, does anybody have the tabs for those battls opn GH3?

This includes the Guitar Battle VS Tom Morello, the Guitar Battle VS Slash, and the Guitar Battle VS Lou (The Devil Went Down to Georgia).

PLease, these actually are pretty cool songs, I just can't find tabs for them.
They have the tab for The Devil Went Down To Georgia in the back of the Guitar World issue that's all about Dime and stuff. It'd not old, and I don't see the month it's from or anything, but I got it a couple weeks ago. So yeah, and the other ones, I don't know about.
The tab for TDWDTG in Guitar World is the Charlie Danie's Band version, not the cover by Steve Ouimette (sp?) used in the game. I may tab the version in the game of it, but may not. It just depends how long the stuff I'm tabbing now takes me and what the other people I'm going to start working on tabbing more stuff with want to do.
I think TDWDTG is in drop D, though I'm not certain, kinda figured a bit out the other day.