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How what? How to develop a stronger stage presence? Because How!!!! is certainly very specific.
There isn't a friggin hand book on how to have great stage Stage precence oh smart one!
whatch what your favorite bands do and post INFO on UG

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be yourself, if you don't move at least look like you know how to play your instrument and that your having fun
Here's a more constructive reply.

1. Don't suck.
2. Be good.
3. Move around.
4. Interact with bandmates.
5. Interact with the crowd.
5.5 Don't suck.

And you'll be good.
Make sure you show emotion. No one really wants to watch a statue, they could go to a park if they wanted to do that. Smile, move around, or jump around.

I can't tell you how many times crowds reacted better to some of the bands we've played with because of how well they played the crowd. Especially if they played very bad.
you either have it or you don't. there is no middle ground really. Just watch live dvds of your favorite bands and try to learn a thing or two
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you could interact with the crowd, dont just play song after song, stop after a song or 2 and just like start chatting about the band or maybe make a joke, but try not to embarrass yourself if no one finds it funny
Do absolutely anything you want. The people that like your music will enjoy it, the people that don't will either get interested or think you're in idiot. If they think the latter then ****'em.