On my Fender American Deluxe Strat, there are 3-4 little "dips" in the finish about a centimeter below the bridge. You can't barley see them, but at the correct angle in a decently light room, those dips stand out quite a bit. I was wondering if there is any kinda of finish fixer or stuff I could use to help get rid of these dips?
Do you mean dips in the clear coat or dips of wood stain? If the clear coating is even but you have darker stains in the wood then you'd have to sand it all down to the bare wood, redo the dye, and redo the multiple layers of clear coating and sanding. Don't think it'd be worth the hassle.

If it's just an uneven clear coat, just sand it smooth and apply a new layer on top.
^ The only potential problem is that the "fix" may end up worst than the problem, specially if it's hardly noticeable.

Since the American Deluxe has a Poly coat, you can lightly sand the dips with 2000 grit just so the Poly will have a surface to grip, apply the Poly with a tiny brush to build up the layers, let it dry, wetsand lightly with 2000 grit, buff/polish with 3M Finesse It II.

That's what I think but check with the pros on the forum: Ormsby, Corduroy, Kaplac, AlgeeEater, Calum_Barrow, etc.