ive been playing for half a year, i like 70s and 80s rock. the only band that i like that came out after the 80s is tenacious d. i can play (all the way through) iron man, kickapoo, beelzeboss, classico, talk dirty to me, the godfather theme, the king of the hill theme, and the mario theme (im working on paranoid). my favorite bands are guns n roses, tenacious d, megadeth, led zeppelin, and van halen. does any1 have any suggestions for songs that are easy to learn and are the type of music i like?
I suggest not trying to look for easy songs, try something a little harder. It'll take more time and practice but at the end of the you'll feel like you accomplished something. But if your looking for easy songs from that era, Another Brick in the Wall, Black Dog and Sweet Leaf are all fairly easy to learn.
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wow, thats really good for only half a year or maybe im just really lazy

uhm... try some jimi hendrix songs, they'll be a challenge for you maybe, but theyre really easy and fun when you get the hang of it

EDIT: pink floyd would be good to learn too, Comfortably Numb, Hey You, etc.
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Rock n Roll or Black Dog by Led Zeppelin are pretty easy and have some awesome riffs in em. If u havent learned it already, Stariway to Heaven issomething good for u to learn. Sure its cliche, but the solo would be good to learn.