What are some good smooth jazz albums to listent? Im more in fusion jazz and id like to know some more relaxing stuff. Not so intense like fj
Try "The Modern Jazz Quartet". They might be what youre looking for. Real smooth.
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i have chuck loeb some of his stuff is maybe smooth jaz but not realy sure cause i dont know the scene
I dislike most smooth jazz so I suggest you look for relaxing music in a different direction


^Bill Evans and Jim Hall

And check out Kind of Blue era Miles Davis.

Personally I find Coltrane's A Love Supreme to be incredible balm for the soul after a long day but you'll have to make your own conclusions about the album; it's not for everyone. Relaxed it is not but certainly relaxing. YMMV.
nick im not new to jazz i dont knwo any smooth stuff! i have miles but he just doesnt apeal to me! have bill evanss soulinsider!
i also have lots of michel petrucciani and est.,patitucci,joe pass....but id like some more jazz
check out Norman Brown. his album "After the Storm" is really good. Craig Chaquico's album "Acoustic Planet" is a great mix of new age and smooth jazz.
Relaxing? The Rite Of Strings by Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola and Jean-Luc Ponty.
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Most of the stuff suggested is cool jazz. Smooth jazz is more like Kenny G, Grover Washington, etc

But thats ok, because Cool jazz>>smooth jazz