Well this guy wrote me a song. and im not to sure what to think about it. He has liked me for like 3 years.and im with my boyfriend of 7 months.Please tell me what you think of the song.I dont know what to say to it.

I look at myself in the mirror.
and i often find myself imperfect.
How do i match him?
i discourage myself.

But something small is left.
It begins to grow when i think about the laughs we've had.
All the emotional times we've been through.
And the vision of our hands linked together pulls me forward.

But yes, now im positive.
The constant image of your smiling face.
Is embedded in my mind.
and it seems like its in there for good.

There is no countdown to the time that you'll be in my arms.
but it will happen..
Im not sure when my lips will give into the temptaion,
but its in the forcast.

I know its useless at this point.
But there will never be a chance unless i take one.
All i know is that at this time i thank fate for crossing our paths.
I lov....

The words cannot be seriously said.
Not at this time.
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I thought it was really good. Its a song from the heart. That's what makes it good. He didn't hide anything. He really likes you. Its too bad he waited untill now though. Just say how you feel at this time. Like if you like him or not. I think he just wants to know if he has a chance with you or not. He is putting you in a pretty tough position though. Just go with what you feel. It was a good song though. Crit mine? Its called A Tribute To Her (On This Valentine's Day)
TBH he sounds like a bit of a stalker . There's a definite thread of desperation weaving through it, and a few double entendres - but that's probably my juvenile sense of humour.

If it gets loads of good crits would you consider letting him have his chance? Or are you hoping for it to get ripped to pieces so yuo can go back to him and say, "thanks but this is cr@p"?