Yup, I've done another one. This one took a short amount of time compared to the other two I have done, I started writing this morning. This is definately the one i'm least pleased with so far, but i'll post it anyway.

I already know that the tone is terrible, sorry about that. I spent hours trying to tweak the sound to make it sound right, but didn't get anywhere.

In my profile, called Metal #3. C4C, of course.
Even tho I think that most of your songs are rip-offs of old school metal bands like Megadeth and Metallica.. I thought that Metal #3 was ok but I wouldn't be surprised if someone says that they heard the riff before.
Techtonic, I still fail to see how my songs are "rip-offs" of other songs. It's called taking an influence, if you've ever heard of it. Its like, making music in the same style as other bands. I came up with everything in my songs. If you're gonna come in here and not give constructive critisism, then I'd rather you not come in here in the first place. And quit putting bad comments on my songs, it's annoying. If you're gonna explain why they're bad, maybe i'll actually read it.

Zultone, thanks for your comments, i'll check yours out in a sec. I'm using Guitar Pro RSE drums.
thanks for the crit man. this is tight. the bit at 1:30 was sweet. would love to hear this with vocals, i can definately hear hetfield on this track, and thats a good thing :P also good to see someone else who spends some time on their drums... is that dfh2? solo tone needs some work, and you need to tidy up the bends a touch and add some slow vibrato to a few notes and itll be sounding sweet nice one man, i like it
If someone is going to claim you've ripped someone off, then they need to jump on Youtube and track down the song they're claiming you ripped.

There's only so many styles of music, and there's only so many notes on a scale. You will eventually pass over territory that has been covered a million times. It's all about how you put it together and whether or not it ends up being pleasing to people's ears.

personally, I think what you've been working on is really good stuff. I didn't know Guitar Pro could put out drum sounds like that. I must have the wrong version, because those sound really good and mine sound like garbage.

On this song, I don't like the pauses like that at 1:50 or so. It might just be sloppy and thats why I didn't like it... but it sounds very disjointed. Around 2:45 you play the same riff without the pauses, and it sounds more natural. I keep bobbing my head straight through there.

The solo starts out weak, but it gets going nicely. Overall, very good start. I'm interested to see if you work on it more how good it may end up.

Oh, and I thought your guitar tone was ok. It might be better if it sounded a little warmer. More mids, maybe?

Start naming your songs. It gives them character.
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