Ive only had my Palomino V8 for 3 weeks but I just sold some stuff and will be getting about $300. I was going to buy ISP Decimator and some new pickups. Then I seen these amps! What do you guys think I should do Pups+Decimator or amp?



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No point getting the valveking 212 if its for playing in the house, I've got one, WAY too much power.
Yeah I ended up getting rid of my Vk212, was far too loud

But what do you want to do with these? Practice, play live etc?
You just got an amp, why do you want another one?
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I love the amp just didnt really know if it was worth putting new PUP's in my guitar. I dont want to spend 150 plus if it wont make a difference. Guitar is great my PUP's sound bad .
if your not playing gigs, get the pups and the decimator. having two amps can get annoying (not to mention expensive) if your not planning to go pro.

HOWEVER, if you like any of the amps you listed more than your current amp, you can sell your current amp and get the new amp AND the pups and decimator, or alternatively, buy a better than all your choices amp with the extra boost in your budget.
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I guess your right. I'll just get those BG Pups and the Decimator. I wouldnt ever be able to listen to one of those loud ass amps anyways.