Those are the easiest! Remove the strings from the tuners .. you'll notice that the string ends will pop out of the string ferrules (the back). Pull each string so that the other end doesn't scratch the front, insert the string through the ferrule, it'll rest on the same saddle, nut, etc.

Or are you asking how to re-string in general?

uhm dude.. wtf?! thats easy
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1. detune the strings for them too get a little floopy
2. cut the strings by half(with some string cutters or similar, nor a scissor)
3. take the "bridge half" away by pulling it from the back.
4. take the "headstock half" away. you should know how

not restring it, you should knoiw hot too
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like said, it's pretty important to snip the string before running it thru the bridge and out the back, or the curled end of the used string, might get stuck in the hole.

also, swap one string at a time, if you dont know how to set up ur guitar.

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Oh, I've been playing guitar for a long time so I already know how to change strings. I dont own the guitar in the picture, so I didnt know how to change strings on that particular model.