Hey guys just wondering if you can give me any help here. I'm trying to upload a couple of vids I took at the Smashing Pumpkins Ggig last night but it's been abhout 10 minutes and the vid still hasn't uploaded. This is is the first time I've tried putting anything on Youtube so I'm not sure if this is usual or not?

The format of the videos is .MOV as I recorded them on my digicam, is that a problem, should I convert the files?

Thanks guys!
It takes a pretty long time to go up.
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It's probably normal. I just uploaded my first vid last night and it took almost an hour.
Youtube say it's 1-5 minutes per MB
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Ya, I don't get that, it's kinda ridiculous how long it takes...
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lol dude, open a new tab / window, go to your youtube videos and it will be there if you've waited more than 10 minutes.
You might be uploading something that's just too big for YouTube. There's a 100MB limit, but if you try to upload a file that's smaller than that, but with stupid quality and resolution, you may find it takes far to long.

For best results, get hold of Total Video Converter and make sure the video is in didx/xvid mpeg format with a resolution of about 720 x 480 at 30 frames per second.
Sorry about the double post guys but does anyone else use Total Video Converter? Because I'm having trouble when I try to convert my videos so I can upload them to Youtube. I get a message that I haven't got a clue how to sort out lol, so any help is appreciated.