to me it doesn't really "flow" all that well, the chord changes are pretty rough and choppy. but all in all it could be a decent riff, just needs more to go with it. (other instruments or harmonies or something)
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It's a start. It has potential. You should work on it. Add other instruments. Write lyrics and it could be very good. To my taste, there is too much mids in your tone. You should apply a mid scoop on your tone. Also, a good solo on the top of it would be great!
Good work, it is the foundation of a great song if you put time and effort to develop it!

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I can hear your AC/DC influence in there. Were you looking for crit on the riff or the recording? I think there is much to be desired from a recording and tone standpoint, but so is everyone's first recording! You did some things well here and depending on what kind of band you'd form you could go a couple directions. You should feel good about this since it's your first recording, but try next time or in your revisions on cleaning up what's coming out of your amp as well as your guitar. I heard a couple notes that didn't seem to ring with the power chords you were playing well. Best of luck to you!

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Sounded pretty tight for a first recording - sound wise it could be improved greatly. i didn't liek your tone ata ll and it was a little 'fuzzy' in places. I liked the riff though, very classic rock sounding - definate AC/DC and Led Zeppelin feel to it.

Try scooping your mids slightly - should give you a better tone and a better sound in recordings overall.

Keep at it.

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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