My cousin keeps btching that a wah changes the pitch/octave of the sound. I told it goes from treble to bass and he thinks its like on a staff treble or bass cleff. So to prove it to him, what exactly does it do?
whammy changes pitches/octave

i'm pretty sure your right about wah.
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as far as I know it basically works like a tone knob on a guitar attached to a pedal. in the heel up position, all highs and lows are present, but in heel down, it cuts out the highs.

Edit: a wah definitely does not change pitch though.
Use a small speaker (like on a mobile phone) or an electric toothbrush and put it in your mouth, and open and close your mouth. Basically what a wah pedal simulates.
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Just demonstrate to him with the extremely "Wah like" "Waaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaah" with your voice.
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