A friend of mine always uses Reason 4.0 and ProTools 7 LE and on alot of his recordings(Metal genre) I always hear him putting in these huge drum hits(like a large timpani) with alot of release time that makes the begining of a riff sound huge. You can hear it in alot of metal bands now-adays but i cant figure out how he's getting it to sound like that. I used alot of different timpani's with the same program and boosted the bass way up and cant even come close. Anyone have any ideas?? And yes, I HAVE asked him, but he isnt very specific about how he's doing it.
Well, it is an obvious question, but have you listened to the ones you made in an actual mix rather than just on their own? Because there can be a lot of difference when the other instruments are heard.

Have you tried adding a large reverb with a long release? Do you have an example of the sound we can listen to?
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