As you can see by the title, I'm looking for a delay pedal under $150. I don't care whether it is digital or analog. I was wondering what would be the best buy. I play stuff like Pearl Jam, Guns n' Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, and Velvet Revolver. I know Slash uses a digital delay and I believe Mick McCready uses an analog delay so which should i go for, analog or digital? And what pedal should I go for?
Analog delays are generally a bit pricey in comparison to their digital counterparts. I guess the good ol' DD-3 or DD-6 but I never really liked them and they seem to wash out your tone a bit. I picked up an Electro Harmonix #1 Echo the other day for $100 and I love it, I can do anything from a slight reverb like delay to crazy delays and it doesn't wash out my tone at all.
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Line 6 echo park is buzzy. I guess the Boss DD2 is really good and known for it's tone, but it's an older pedal but you should be able to get one on ebay for less than 150
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I get no buzz at all off my Echo Park, I think it's a great and very versatile pedal. Are you using a decent power supply?

There's loads of delays you could try, I hear good things about the Marshall Echohead, then there's the DD3/6, and the Maxon or Ibanez AD-9.

Basically just get a list of good ones to try, go to a store and find one you like best.
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