Not a bad tune. 6.5/10

Drum and bass need more presence. Vocal is too loud and sometimes out of tune.
Guitar parts are OK. Not impressive, but not bad either. Good guitar tone for the louder parts of the song.

Let me know if you post new songs!
wouldn't necessarily pan the main guitar riff completely to the left. that threw me off a bit at first. other than that, pretty catchy song. definite potential with a better recording. also, it gets a bit boring when the vocal and guitar part are doing the same thing. like the overall style though. keep at it.

would appreciate crit for my song, cheers:
The bass line had a hard time fitting in my ear with the flow of the drums and vocals. Could be me though. Felt like your power chords were solid but that you could improve the melody work. Also, sounds like you were making due with a less-than-fantastic mic. Now that those things are out of the way, I enjoyed listening to the track felt like it got better as it went along! Good work and I hope this crit helps you in your revisions and/or future writing.

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