Yeah this should probably be in the official drug thread down there but im making it anyway!

I've heard of so many diff ways to pass tests for the magical plant(weed) but are any of them real?
for ex.
take a shot of vinigar 5 mins b4
put bleach in the cup u pee in
drink tons of water
take niacin and other B vitamins

Has anybody that smokes alot been sucsessful with any of these or any of your own methods??

plzz share im getting tested in two days!
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drink alot of water. exercise.
good luck.
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Really? I thought you got those when you were born.

If you masturbate alot the hours up to the test, like every 15 minutes, you should go through
The best way it to drink allot of water and to take shots of vinegar (i don't no how soon before the test though)
a kid i know.. wouldn't call him a friend... drank a **** load of water and took vitamin b 12 or some **** to make his piss yellow and it worked..
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There is no way. You're basically f*cked. Next time, don't take drugs before you're gonna be tested, dipsh*t.