I'm new to electric guitars and how to set them up. I play around with the
setting but I'm lost. xD How do I set them up to sound clean? I have a Squier
Strat and a Behringer AC108 Vintager tube amp. And the amp has a Gain setting.
How do I set them up for the distortion to sound good as well?
if you wanna be able to switch from clean to distorted, do what theguitarplayin said, but get a distortion pedal dor the distortion
Sound better, thanks. But, when I strum the 3 bass strings there like a
buzz sound. Anyway to fix this? Or might it be my cable?
it needs to be set up to get rid of buzz.
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Just for the record, The behringer vintager is not a tube amp.
It's a solidstate amp with one preamp tube in the preamp section.
So, it's mostly solidstate.
As for this "buzz", either your guitar needs a set up, or maybe it's just the typical "buzz" from SS amps.
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