I have two 3' foot 1/4' cables. One is a guitar cable and one is a speaker cable, how can I tell which one is which? They are both unlabeled, the tips look the same....but one of them goes to my half stack...Help!
one way you COULD tell if you have another combo amp that doesn't need a speaker cable is to use both cables as the "instrument" cable. You will notice a drop in sound quality while using the speaker cable as an instrument cable while the normal instrument cable will sound "normal". Usually (at least mine are) speaker cables are much thicker. I use custom built 12 gauge cable with heavy-duty connectors and it's easy to tell.
Unscrew the connectors. The instrument cable will have the signal wire in the middle, insulation, then the shield/ground around it. The speaker cable will just have two conductors side by side. They should be noticeably thicker, too.
Thanks for the help. Hankey nailed it!!! unfortunately, one cable didnt have a un-screwable cover...it was molded plastic, that I had to cut apart...and found a red and black wire hidden inside, so now I know which one to use on my half stack. Thanks Again!