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3:00 is early morning
19 31%
3:00 is late night
21 34%
4:00 is early morning
14 23%
4:00 is late night
7 11%
Voters: 61.
Would 3:00 am be early morning or late night?

How about 4:00?

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Well lets see.. they are both in the morning soo Late night?

seriously its in the morning so wouldn't it be early morning?
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late night on weekends, early morning on weekdays
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i consider 4 as the next morning.

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well it depends if you have gone to sleep or stayed up. if you have to wake up to do something at 3.00, then its early. if you stay out till 3.00 its late. thats what im going by anyway
Anything after 3 is early morning, as far as I'm concerned.
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it matters if ur going to bed or waking up, and how bright it is outside.
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completely disregarding that everything past midnight is actually morning, i'd say it really doesn't count as 'staying up until morning' until about five o'clock.
3= late night
4= early morning
in my opinion anyway.. but it usually depends on the circumstances
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3 is still late night, but 4 is pushing it a bit. It really depends on if you've slept yet
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Early morning for sure, like if you were up to that time, possibly drining, you would say you were up untill the early morning that night.
Its clearly in the morning

I cant see under what circumstances it could ever be at night, its at the start of the day, ergo its morning
3 is a late night, between 3 and 4 is moving into morning territory. Once it's 4 it's the morning and you should really be getting ready for bed.

In my opinion.
still dark and part of your night out technically. so late night.its about 7 am when its considered an early morning.