how can you make a gloss finish on your guitar into a satin finish?

i dont like the glossy-ness of epiphone necks so i was wondering if its possible to make them into a satin finish like on some fenders?

i heard you can use steel wool. is that right?
I think you could just mask it off sand the finish off then put a satin finish on it. I want to do this to my gibson the neck is too sticky but I don't want to mess it up so I probably won't.
Steel wool would probably take ages, but maybe 300-400 grit sandpaper could give you a smoother surface. You can finish off with steel wool though.
The worst thing that can happen (aside from dropping it onto a concrete floor and having it bounce into a violent stream and down a waterfall into a bonfire), is going to deep so the neck becomes uneven. But that isn't very likely to happen if you keep sanding in long strokes along the entire neck. If something like that does happen though, just sand the neck down to the bare wood and just re-finish it.
I did it on my Epi Les Paul earlier this year
I started by using 400 grit, 600, 800 and up to 1500 grit.
You only need to stroke a few times with each to get a good result