So.. time to buy a new acoustic guitar. On the acoustic i play Jack Johnson kinda music, usually with alot of strumming nd small riffs.

I play mainly at home, have been playing for 5 years. Would like a guitar with a mic so i can connect it to my amp, also i'd like to be able to access past the 12 fret.. so.. i thought

the Ibanez Ewc30pde

ne1 that has any comments on this guitar, or suggestions of a better guitar for me?

please help me out, i'm not sure if this guitar is for me
i have an Ibanez AEL20E Vintage Violin and its very good for percussive acoustic guitar like Jack Johnson. It is cutaway and has an active pickup, built in tuner and looks and sounds a dream
ya the ael20e seems sweet but it's a bit more expensive nd i'm not sure if i can afford it =/ dya think the difference is worth it?
nd where have ya heard the talk about the frets stephen? =/
In general, Ibanez guitars are pretty low quality and high priced for what your getting. Give us a few minutes and I'll go check out what else is available in your price range.

What exactly is your price range BTW? better if you tell us rather than me guessing.

So We are talking about this guitar yeah?

So lets justs say your looking at roughly spending $400 USD and you want electronics and a cutaway. First lets go through why this guitar (and Ibanez's in general) aren't usually very good choices for an acoustic guitar.

First off is the sound. Most, if not all of the Ibanez EW series have laminate tops, basically plywood. Laminate sheets do not vibrate anywhere near as freely as a solid piece of wood. The top (or soundboard, whatever you want to call it) is probably the most important thing on an acoustic guitar, everything else contributes, but not as much as the top. The laminate tops are made to look really nice which is fine, but sound should be priority, not looks. At this price you should be getting a solid wood top. Also this particular model is a smaller body size and is shallower than the standard guitar. This generally means your going to get more of a thin sounding guitar, and combined with laminate woods used in the guitar... Not a good combination.

Second thing is that Ibanez acoustics often have some quality control issues. The amount of times I have heard of people who buy a new Ibanez acoustic only to have the electronics not work at all or to have to go spend another $100 bucks getting a brand new guitar fixed up so there is no buzzing is just ridiculous. None of this should happen on a new guitar, maybe the odd isolated case, sure. But regularly? no way!

Basically, Ibanez are really trying to attract electric players with the brand name and people looking for a fancy guitar. Most of them don't actually sound very good and there are far too many quality issues.

EDIT no.2:
Now for some guitars that I would suggest:
Alvarez AD60SC


Both have solid tops, both have good electronics in them. Both companies have really high quality control.
Personally, I prefer the Alvarez but thats more because the Takamine is a lot more expensive in Australia than the Alvarez. I know jimtaka (one of the mods here) likes the Taka more and reckons it has the better electronics of the two and he knows his stuff.
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Ok thanks
I've got a non-cutaway non-electronic acoustic thats quite large so when i was playin on the ibanez in the shop i liked the smaller body size. But i'll prob be looking at some more guitars now ;P
nd ye my price range is about $450-550.
@ johnos

Really? ALL of them? I only hear good things about their Artwoods. Some of them seem like a really good value. I was actually looking into one of them Artwood Studios, with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides - all solid -, ebony fretboard, B-Band pickup, for 600€-650€.
i've heard horrible things about the artwood series. but i've also heard a mix of good here and there. since it's so mix reviewed, i would just avoid it all together.
Quote by stephen_rettie
i want one but i dunno whether to trust it, heard a lot of talk of fret buzz

Yep, the frets doth buzz. Just sent my $630 Ibanez back because an Alvarez that I've got about $80 in blew it away in both sound and playability. Mine was an Ibanez Artwood AW-800ECENT. Sucks too, that thing was gorgeous and I loved the electronics.

With a price range between $450 and $550, I'd recommend looking at the Alvarez professional series, PD-80S is the one I've got. I love it. I put on a Takamine triax pickup which is the same as the L.R. Baggs M1 active and it's all good. You can get the electric cutaway for something like $570 but this one sounds so good I'd be afraid of the cutaway version.
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@ johnos

Really? ALL of them? I only hear good things about their Artwoods. Some of them seem like a really good value. I was actually looking into one of them Artwood Studios, with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides - all solid -, ebony fretboard, B-Band pickup, for 600€-650€.

I won't go out and say that they are all crap because it would be impossible for me to play every single model.
But generally, yes I think Ibanez in general make **** acoustic guitars. Specs are definitely not the only thing that makes a guitar. There construction and quality control (or lack thereof in Ibanez's case) plays a Huuge part in sound and of course, how long the guitar is going to last.

For instance, Most people don't understand how important all the stuff that we cant see is, for example the bracing. In the lower end (which is what we are usually asked about here) its more about having a solid top and not breaking. Once you get to the upper end its a pretty big factor (although you may not know it) in the sound of the guitar. But I'm kinda going off the point here... Sorry

In short, in general I would avoid Ibanez acoustics based on sound, price and quality. Try them for sure, you may find a decent one for a good price, but usually you will be able to find something much better