hey guys, today i blocked my trem, its an Edge III, i cut a block of wood and placed it between the spring block and the body about an inch away, so that i can only divebomb, but the advantage is that i can go to drop D, or C without having to change the tension, making it much faster and easier, the only loss is that i cant do any more screams, has anyone else done this?

edit : i have some heavy bottom strings, i have 5 springs in the back ( i have so many because 2 are from a old crappy guitar and are weaker) and i made it so that the block has no pressure on it in standard tuning, then when i drop it down it just hits the block.
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surely you can buy a whammy pedal Herman Li uses one.

No not a wah pedal.


i was gonna get an Ibanez RG350DX i think it has a whammy bar in it but every one said that Edge III are bad.
allright, i just wanted to make sure it wouldnt cause any damage, from all of the 5 springs tension pushing on the wood in the back cavity
I done it to my Edge III but made the block big enough so the fine tuners are parallel with the body. I only have three stronger springs on there and use 9-42 or 46's sometimes and I think it sounds better IMO (still not the greatest but better sustain) From what I researched about the Edge III's, they are made of crappy steel! An OFR would improve the sound of the RG370DX or RG350EX with the OFR blocked and a whammy pedal!