a few time ago i bought an ibanez with a floyd and i want to change the strings cause the stock ones suck. i play mostly power and thrash like metallica and megadeth. what strings should i get? would a 10 mess up my floyd ?
Personally, I think .9s are the best way to go, I've never had a problem with them.
I use 10's or heavy bottom skinny tops. I don't have a floyd but those are the best gauges imo.
i think you cant go lower or higher then 9s or you gotta mess with the tension nd springs nd ****
if you understand the art of balancing the string tension and spring tension
get 10s, but if you dont want to risk ruin something(which even if you can´t do it, wont happen) get 9s
i really want to recommend the ernie ball strings, those are the one that metallica uses, and they sound very good
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