Ok so i`m searchin for an episode of tom n jerry where there was a ..cousin of jerry or somthing that was playing a banjo i think and singin....blalala kembleeeee and his moustache.was everywhere (rofl) anyone knows wich one it is ? :}
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thanks and...its damn hilarious....

I rember that... he sings something about 'crombone' if iirc...
lmao I love that episode... good stuff... he totally owns tom
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go back to sleep
Waking up with boobs? Is there a visine for that.
The part at 1:42 had me in stitches! And 4:35! Tom and Jerry is awesome.
that brings me back SO MANY MEMORIES <3
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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That was a classic episode
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day