its pretty good, but i noticed the soul to squeeze in the beginning which was pretty good. i cant find a decent tab of it though
its good but you should fingerpick the intro. its not hard.
other than that id say its one of the better UTB covers ive seen. you actually know what youre doing.
lol, another Under The Bridge cover. Stealing my thunder, HMM?

(writing as I go along) Pretty tasteful use of chorus/reverb. Nice tone too. Everything's done right. Nice little improv fills here and there. One thing I noticed though, is your strumming technique. It's a little weird as most people just keep the constant up and down motion, but I guess yours still gets the job done. I don't really have anything bad to say about your rendition really. Sometimes your timing felt a little off, but I'm only saying that out of a lack of major problems.

Here's mine, by the way.
Ah thanks.

For soul to squeeze I just messed around a little with the chords. I think I found the tabs from this site.

Yeah my strumming was weird when I played that for some reason lol. I used the chorus and reverb settings from my microcube.
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Shaga shaga woop woop...woot woot funkay funkay!
It's decent, not bad at all. Good job. The tone is amazing. Only heard a few minor mistakes.
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