Can anyone guide me to which fingerpicking songs that are tuned a half a step down are worth trying out?

thanks alot

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just find one in standard
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Funeral for a Friend - Your Revolution is a Joke
Smile Empty Soul - With this Knife (intro)
Dashboard Confessional - End of an Anchor. I personally play this one with a pick but it could be fingerpicked.
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Funeral for a Friend - Your Revolution is a Joke

I play that in Db.

Technically, the only time you play the 6th string is in the last chord
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^--Exactly. FFAF play it in Drop Db as you do, but the whole song can pretty much be played without using the low E string so thats why i included it.
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why a half step down? try Buckets of Rain (dylan), thats in open D/E tuning, or Never Going Back Again(fleetwood mac), thats in wahine(i think thats what its called) tuning (CGDGAE).

all the detuning/retuning really improves your ear.
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