How do you tune down half a step by ear because my digital tuner doesnt show half steps?
there's a thread specificly defined for this kind of matter. find it
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im mainly a bassit but i use this method:

tune each string to the 6th fret of the string above it

it works for bass not sure about guitar

but it will work for the first 4 strings at least
Am playlng SCoM, and doesnt sound right in standard tuning. So am gonna have to tune down.
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instead of 5th fret to tune the e and a, use the 6th, then tune by ear normally (5 5 5 4 5)

using the 6th fret would give you A#

you should use the fourth fret on the e string - Ab

then tune by ear normally (5 5 5 4 5)
Check the stickied threads in Guitar & Bass Basics.

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