Hi guys...I have MIM Fender Strat with 21 frets. And i was on stewmac.com and i saw neck replacement for a strat with 22 frets and i would really like to have 22 frets. i was wondering would the 22 fret strat neck would fit in my MIM strat? or maybe i have to do a little bit of routering?
you don't need it. It should fit, but it'll screw your intonation and tuning. Unless you just can't get that extra bit of bend.

Rule of thumb. If the mod will cost half as much or more than what you paid for the instrument it's generally not worth it.
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and any of you tried putting a tone knob for the bridge? idk if its just on my strat but the bridge doesnt have one. i
Hmmm, I don't see why you aren't content with 21. Rarely ever do you actually need to go up past there unless shredding or crazy metal-esque type stuff, and if that's the case, you shouldn't have bought a Fender.
i bought the fender cause its so versitile. i wanted to the 22 frets cuz its probably a cheaper to mod my strat than buy an MIA strat
Hmmm, well I just ordered a MIA Strat that cost me $1000.

I didn't necessarily need the 22nd fret, but it's there.

I mean, you could go to the trouble to try and get a luthier to make adjustments, but by that time, you could've bought an MIA Strat.
good point lol. i thought it was a good idea at the time

any idea about my bridge tone knob problem or is that for all strats?
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i have posted this before in another thread. I bought a 22 fret neck from Warmoth.com, and did it myself........installed in a MIJ body. Nothing about intonation, tuning, string tension.....nothing had to be done, excpet screw in the neck.

Maybe, intonation in off.....maybe, but I am not sure. I have never played a strat that has great intonation anyway.......but that doesnt stop anyone from playing them.

There are only 2 songs in my arsenal that require even a 21st fret.......there is usually another string that you can play that note on. I did buy myself a Jackson soloist to have 2 full octaves, but maybe Im nuts, but I find myself gettig confused around the 17th fret.
its probably not even worth it.. seriously most strat players use the old fashion 21 fret strat, e.g: Stevie ray vaughan, clapton, hendrix ahh wat the hell just about all blues strat players probably do