I saw them [thrice] last night and saw their lead guitarist doing a lot of slow-ish multi-stringed legato tapping.

Does anybody here know what songs of their's he does this in? I noticed in one song he was holding a chord at the 7th or 8th fret and tapping on the strings descending from high to low near the twelve fret. I'd really like to learn this one.

Thanks to anyone who can help. I've already searched and found some tapping in Dust of Nations but i don't think that's the one i'm looking for.
haha i saw the same show, it was awesome eh? what'd you think of say anything?
thanks a lot man
i'll check these out

..and yeah they were amazing. i'm assuming you've seen em too?

to pagefan:

say anything was great too. i loved it when they were playing the dance song (i don't know the name. that's what they called it though). the lead singers accidentally pulls out the mike cord. after the song, he's like "so we pretty much tore up the stage on that last song."

i lol'd
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I dislike any of Thrice's work after The Artist. IoS was my favorite album.

By the way, they tap in Hideous Strength as well, but only on one string. I don't think that's a very well known song by them?