Hey Guys, i have another question regarding Guitar Pro 5, how do i compress files and put them on my signature and on my profile.

well thats not really a gp5 question, but you can compress files with well windows, or better dedicated programs like win-rar. As for putting them in your profile, I guess that you can do that from your profile options, if you look for it you'll find it.
A fellow Ottawian...Ottawite...whatever, eh? What exactly are you trying to do? Just zip the guitar pro file itself or actually compress an image of the music or what?
you have to figure out how to use a program that compresses files, either buy using the built in zip-tool in windows xp by right clicking on the file(s). Or by using a dedicated program like win rar. then you can upload them in the UG-profiles. Really its extremely basic stuff, you really should be able to figure it out by yourself.
what's guitar por?


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Why would you want to compress a guitar pro file? The biggest one I've ever seen is about 80kB... unless you mean convert it to midi? In that case, open up the Guitar Pro file and then go to File>Export>MIDI and then save in the appropriate location.