any idea how to make a decent profit modding old guitars?

i know you need to find bargins and stay cheap but i also need to make a good guitar

any really useful tips or tricks guys?
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Open a shop somewhere in a big city where the demand is high, frequent clubs where there are a lot of bands playing and let them all know who you are and what you do and maybe give them some benefits for trying your services. Then you'll get regulars who spread the word and people will be coming back, that is if you are good enough.
i assume you mean essentially buying a crap guitar, make it a not-crap guitar, and sell it for profit, in which case it might be tough to do so, as in the case of a parts guitar, the whole might not equal the sum of the parts - i.e. a $50 guitar with a set of $150 pickups really is only worth the $150 for the pickups. if you mean completely redoing guitars, that might work, but be careful about trademarks and such
I think you will find most people arent willing to pay much for paint work. Some will but most are looking for cheap. Just as its really hard to make any money modding stuff as the chinese can undercut anything you try to do. People want bargains anymore.
One thing I have picked up in the online business thing, is when you are on an internet forum, spelling is very important. Punctuation too. I mean, who wants to send their guitar to a guy who cannot spell very well?

Oh, and you have to do a professional job, and use correct tools and such. Doing things people can do themselves isn't a very good approach either, do things people usually can't do because of lack of tools or something.
Taking a quick look at you profile lands you at being 14 now you have a lot of school left to do before you can even think about getting a full time job, and to make any kind of profit in this buisness as people like mr orsby will tell you, its going to have to be a full time job, putting lots of time and money into it before you get any out.

So really I wouldnt worry about it for the time being.

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