Hey, im just wondering what you think I wrote it and mixed it in like two days and it includes some some better then green day solos (i cant really solo but i do better then them) and a slow pretty part... unfortunately there is no singing cause i cant sing just listen and let me know what you think... and you can always listen to the others too... thanks

ps ill crit back

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really good riffs. i like when everything cuts out at 0.37. good change of dynamics. the only thing i have to say about it is that the production could be better. obviously real drums would help a lot. the guitars could also be a bit brighter. pretty tight guitar playing though. way above my league haha.

i'd really appreciate crit for my song, thanks:
I really liked it. It was kinda hard to hear in some places, tho, but I think that was just my speakers acting up. o_o;
But, yeah, good song. =)
Dude Im digging it. Im still listening but had to pause to write this. The slower parts have to be played in time, its close as it sits but just enough off to ruin things.

The solo was mostly Very Cool, kudos dude. But once it slowed down you kinda crashed and burned.

So...I dug it alot just work out the timing issues.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
Cool Octaves - sounds very punk rock. Very heavy tone - Palm Mutes sound good.
The bass is very cool. Good playing in the solo aswell although in the second part i sensed a bit of intonation - sounded a bit out.

A few timing issues - can be fixed easily. The mix could be better too, the bass is a bit too overpowering i think.

Good Stuff.

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