To me Mark Tremonti the former guitarist of creed and the current guitarist of alter bridge is very underrated. He should be in the list of the hundred greatest of all time and should be high up. His songwriting ability and solos are incredible. Agree?
Couldn't agree more. Anyone need proof? Buy their new album Blackbird and you will agree with what this dude above me is saying. My favorite guitarist by far.
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could care less but no hate threads plus you should try the alter bridge thread

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Tremonti imo is the greatest rock guitarist out there and one of the greatest ever. He is very passionate about the music he writes and you can def. tell in those notes. Most of his solos are mesmerizing and mind blowing all in one. I cant thank Mark enough for making me keep picking up my six string.

It seems like there aren't enough Tremonti lovers on here and what's funny is most of the haters don't really own any material and just comment on what they see on youtube. Tremonti is light years ahead of any rock guitarist out there based on skill, song writing, and versatility.
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