Ive had my Guitar for I think 3 weeks but played my brothers for around 2 weeks before i got mine. Ive been practicing alot around 2-3 hours a day. Ive memorized A C D E G Major, Minor and 7th chords. A few barre chords and am starting to learn some of the Blues Scales. I can play some easy songs and licks. I still play slow but i figure with more practice the faster i will be able to play. What im wondering is am i trying to do too much and not concentrating enough on certain things? Do any of you have any suggestions on what to practice?

Thanks for the help
Ok, just as a suggestion, If you have a teacher, have him/her teach you some blues/minor pentatonic licks. These are useful for almost any genre of rock music, as well as blues and some pop(ish) stuff. Learn some easy songs and get licks and techniques out of it. Oh, and Improvise over a basic chord progression after awhile.
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It could be helpful to work on learning the notes on the fretboard. Start with just the top string. Knowing the notes will come in very handy once you get the shape of major and minor barre chords down, because you will be able to play any basic major or minor chord as long as you know where the root lies on the fretboard.