From personal experience do you guys find it better to mic a guitar or buy one with pickups in it? Im looking into a new acoustic and want to be able to play shows with it. If you guys think pickups are better than what wattage should I go for on the amp?
Well, pickups are great when performing live...you can easily just plug the guitar in and woila...but when in a studio micing an ACOUSTIC (not ele-acu) sounds waaay better
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it REALLY depends on your application. if you play with say a band and everythings cranked up, there no way you can put a mic in front of your acoustic because you'll probably be moving around and getting feedback like crazy.

however, if you're playing a rather tame show(singer and acoustic or something to that extent) then you could get away with using a mic. mics will generally sound better, but it is rather hard to control. you have to keep your guitar the same distance away the whole time and need to keep your arms so that they dont block the hole too much.
Onstage an electric acoustic works better, the sound quality is not as good as a mic but the mic makes it too hard to play since you have to stay still and be close to the mic. So apickup works better onstage.

For studio, a mic is definitely better. You can mic the same electric acoustic and get great sound quality, the pickup will not sound as good on recordings, or at least mine doesn't. newer electronics may get a lot better sound, but so far nothing I've heard gets a true acoustic sound, a mic works better.

so it depends on your application. Onstage, I go for the pickup and deal with a little drop in sound quality. For recording I always mic. I've played onstage with a mic, it can be done but it's tedious, the volume and tone changes every time you move and if you hit the mic it makes a nasty loud BANG.
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^ TBH, every gig i have ever played, i have just plugged my guitar into the PA. Nearly everyone provides one. It sounds pretty good and its always big enough for the venue.

just my $.02.

EDIT: if anything, you might want a DI box give you signal shaping power at your fingertips.

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So if I go for an electro-acoustic what size amp is good for giging?

I tried out an Acoustasonic 15 watt amp, still had to mic it into the PA, not enough stage volume, so I ran it into the PA and back through the monitors...so I would go for a 30 watt acoustic amp. That should get the stage volume you need to run straight amp, and most acoustic amps also have a line out if you want or need to go through the PA. And get a sound hole baffle, for about 10 bucks they work great and feedback will be a problem at stage volume. The baffle stops it.
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