I've been trying too get new pickups, and I've narrowed down to two choices.
The SH-5 and/or SH-6.
Any opinions?

SH6 in my opinion is better (well for metal at least)
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Yea, I'm sort of leaning more to the SH6 because it's supposedly more aggressive than the SH5.
I listen to bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, and such.
Sort of attempting to copy John Kempainen's tone, I hear he uses a SH-5 in the bridge but still, the SH6 seemed more appealing to me because of the more aggressiveness. I don't know these for true, so I'm asking for your opinions Ultimate-Guitarers.

You'll need a 5150 too.
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amp is more important than a pickup in every scenario. but if you already are satisfied with the amp get a sh-5. since the guy your tryring to mimic uses it. generally you dont want your pickups to be really high ouput if your amp is already high gain so between the SH-5 and 6 get the 5 if you already have hi gain applications.
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Sadly, I'd love to get a 5150, but I just don't have the money. :/
So my ****ty amp that I have right now will have to do. haha